Recent blog entry - 09.05.2020

Like “Personel Plus” with HR

What leader do companies need right now? Employer or employee market: how to shape relations with employees? How do internal run communication? Małgorzata Rzewuska, chief editor of "Personel Plus", Wolters Kluwer and Anna Saczuk, mediator

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How can families, parents and spouses best deal with problems on a daily basis at the time of coronavirus lockdown?

Anna Saczuk: I sked my colleagues mediators, one of the best in the world, to share their views on the topic. Today I’m proud to present these views to you.


Jak rodzice i małżonkowie mają radzić sobie z problemami dnia codziennego w pandemii?

Anna Saczuk: poprosiłam moich kolegów mediatorów - jednych z najlepszych mediatorów na świecie, aby podzielili się swoimi wskazówkami i sugestiami. Dzisiaj jestem bardzo dumna i szczęśliwa, że mogę zaprezentować Ci ich punkt widzenia.



Hi! Today I want to share a beautiful poem with you, one written by Ruth Bebermeyer. Why am I sharing it? Because it perfectly describes what I preach: the need for a conscious communication.


7 rules of a conscious interpersonal communication

If you are here, then you must have learnt by now that the words you are pronouncing - do matter. They also influence your relationships with other people. How to avoid saying something that would be inappropriate?


What’s you body reaction to all this madness?

Pause for a while and listen to your emotions. How are you dealing with the current situation? What is your body reaction to all this?


Coronavirus confinement driving you mad?

Coronavirus confinement driving you mad? Feeling powerless and depressed? Missing GOING to work and OUT? Don’t despair! Here are 15 proven survival methods for parents and families and a novelty for singles!


COVID 19 – how is your couple coping with the coronavirus lockdown?

❗️Covid 19 ❗️❗️- how is your couple coping with the enforced confinement??❓ Whom did you start searching for? A lawyer or a shrink? Forget it. You need neither. Keep reading and this post may actually change of life.


Mediation as a way to conciliation and … huge benefits

Recently I got invited to a live radio broadcast Mediation as a way to conciliation. It wasn't until we finished that it occurred to me that the listeners might not fully realize the potential of this ADR method. So, what are the benefits of mediation?


In the Beginning was the Word…

It's always about communication. Whether at home or in the office, we spend hours talking. Whether it's to others or to ourselves, we never stop. What is your communication like?