7 rules of a conscious interpersonal communication


If you are here, then you must have learnt by now that the words you are pronouncing – do matter. They also influence your relationships with other people. Now that you get to spend more time with just your family, the risk of saying something inappropriate has increased dramatically.

How to prevent this?

Check out my list of 7 communication rules. If you apply them, you will avoid misunderstandings:

1⃣ maintain eye contact
2⃣ listen actively
3⃣ articulate your goals in a way that they are clear and understandable
4⃣ speak clearly
5⃣ take responsibility for your words

6⃣ express your feelings and emotions
7⃣ try to understand your interlocutor’s viewpoint, show comprehension


Communication consciousness will help you communicate with others, even if such attempts have failed until now. Try to use this knowledge in practice!

Otherwise, if you keep following only your intuitive communication paths, you are likely to make mistakes which will result in all sorts of people’s reactions.

And that’s something you would like to avoid, right?

Would you like me to develop any of the above points? Write to me?