What’s you body reaction to all this madness?

Pause for a while and listen to your emotions. How are you dealing with the current situation? What is your body reaction to all this?

Our lives have changed completely. Suddenly everybody stopped travelling. Most of managers are back home from their business trips. Those who were often away, get to spend most of their time at home.

How are you dealing with it?

Is this change beneficial for your relationships?

The need to stay together all the time on a limited surface and the social-distancing policy cause more and more problems. People feel stressed out and irritated which results in arguments and accusations. How to prevent all of this?

The answer is- by applying conscious communication methods. In my next post I am going to develop this idea a little more.

I will tell you what to do in this difficult time in order to maintain good and healthy relationships with others!

You will learn methods to surmount every problem.