COVID 19 – how is your couple coping with the coronavirus lockdown?

❗️Covid 19 ❗️❗️– how is your couple coping with the enforced confinement?? Whom did you start searching for? A lawyer or a shrink?
Forget it. You need neither. Keep reading and this post may actually change of life.
I see various reactions to this forced confinement, depending on the couple’s situation.
If the general direction in which the couple goes is set and they are both satisfied, then Covid causes no major upheaval in their everyday life. ?
If their situation is delicate and stability has been shaken, then normally after a couple of days of staying 24/7 together, there is a battle. Rancour. Regrets. Blames. ?‍♀️?‍♂️
We set an online meeting or two so that they can straighten things up and they are good to go. ?
Last but not least- there is a third group. For those who have long been dwelling on a possible separation or divorce, Covid-caused confinement is like a visit in hell. ?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍?‍?
Such couples have two options: wait and see ?or act ?.
The first one will bring no change but for the worse. ? It’s like a sinking ship – slowly, but inevitably going under.
My advice is to act. Not to wear yourself out by waiting passively.
Use the time given to you by this strange Chinese virus to change your life for the better. ?
You are not sure what you want?
In family mediation, there are two people who make common decisions. ?‍♀️?
You think you’re unable to speak to your spouse or partner anymore and nothing is going to change it? . ?
You think you don’t have the strength or the energy to do it? . ?. ?. ?
No worries. I have my ways to empower those who are weaker. ?? ??
Come to mediation. It changes everything in a conversation.
I guarantee.
And you can trust me- I am a mediator and a person of public trust.
Anna Saczuk
Your communication expert and international mediator
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