If you want (or have to) divorce AND want to make sure that your children go through your divorce as smoothly as possible, you are at the right place!

Initial stage: making sure there is no other way (don’t skip this stage)! 

Have you tried:

1) therapy,

2) family counseling and

3) mediation aimed at conciliation? 

If you answer YES to 1,2 AND 3, and you still see no other option than to divorce/separate, you may move forward.

If you haven’t tried even one of them, DO IT. Your marriage is worth it!

If you are still positive about the divorce, download a divorce checklist with 15 issues you will have to agree on with your spouse.

Anna Saczuk, family and business mediator

When you decide you want to solve an issue, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you! Let me take you there!

My name is Anna Saczuk. My mission is to help families and businesses thrive.
I do it by mediating their current issues and teaching clients how to communicate successfully.